Husband falls sufferer to his spouse’s infidelity

LAHORE: A man was stabbed to death by his wife with the assistance of her ex-husband in the Chung police area on Saturday.

According to police, Shamim lived in the Chung area with her four children after marrying victim Rizwan. On the day of the incident, Shamim called her ex-husband, Tufail, at home. Meanwhile, victim Rizwan also came home and caught her in the act. Tufail killed Rizwan with a hammer. The late Rizwan, a resident of Sherakot, and the murderer Tufail, who was from Shakargarh, were both rickshaw drivers. Police arrested the killer, Tufail, and took the victim’s body to Jinnah Hospital for an autopsy.

Robbers killed in ‘encounter’: One robber was killed while another was arrested with injuries in a suspected clash with police in the Baghbanpura area on Saturday.

According to police, three robbers on a bicycle intercepted a motorist Shahzad Iqbal and held him hostage at gunpoint. Shahzad resisted, after which one of the three robbers opened fire, killing one robber instantly and injuring another. The panic-stricken third robber rode away from the scene.

The dead robber, identified as Ghulam aka Almas Abbas, had a history of 58 criminal cases. The arrested robber identified as Bilal also had a history of 86 criminal counts. The police instituted proceedings against the robbers on Shahzad Iqbal’s complaint and took the body to the morgue.

Security guard shot dead while cleaning his rifle: A 22-year-old security guard was accidentally shot dead by his own rifle in the Chung police area on Saturday. The deceased was identified as Riaz. Police said Riaz was cleaning his gun when he accidentally pulled the trigger and injured himself. Police took the body to the morgue for an autopsy.

Roof collapse leaves two dead: A man and a 12-year-old boy were killed when the roof of a run-down house on Bedian Road collapsed on Saturday.

The deceased were identified as Dilawar, 40, son of Ameer, and Usman, son of Rasheed. The injured girl, identified as Nimra, 3, daughter of Dilawar, was taken to a local hospital.

Man injures brother-in-law: A 45-year-old man was shot and injured by his brother-in-law in the village of Kahna in Jhalke on Saturday.

The accused Arshad had opened fire and injured his brother-in-law Sarwar. The injured man was taken to General Hospital for immediate medical attention.

The accused fled the place. Police said the incident happened because of a domestic issue.

CM requests report: Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz, who became aware of the abuse of a 13-year-old girl in Jhelum, has requested a report from the Inspector General of Police. The prime minister ordered that justice be sought at all costs for the early arrest of the accused and the girl concerned. The accused deserved a severe punishment under the law, he added.

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