Husband hacks his spouse and father to dying on suspicion of infidelity

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Suspected of an illegal relationship between his wife and father, a man hacked the duo to death late Friday night in Jabalpur.

The incident was reported in the village of Gokalahar under the Belkheda Police Station, about 65 km from Jabalpur district headquarters. The police arrested the defendant, who reportedly confessed to having committed the crime.

The defendant was identified as Santosh Lodhi, 35. According to police reports, the defendant hacked his wife and his father, who was sleeping to death, in front of his two children. He went to his uncle’s house and asked him to report the incident to the police.

His uncle Arjun Lodhi, who lives next door, informed the police. Police officers said the defendant was arrested at his home and also found an ax used in crimes.

During police interrogation, the defendant alleged that his father and wife were in an illicit relationship. “He told us that he had seen his wife and father in an offensive position two days ago. He had convinced his wife. Late on Friday evening, he also spotted the duo in a room. That annoyed him so much that he killed her, ”said a police officer who was involved in the questioning of the defendant.

The official said the defendant got married about 16 years ago and the couple have two children. “The children were handed over to the defendant’s relatives,” he said.

Police Superintendent (SP), Jabalpur, Siddharth Bahuguna said the autopsy would be done today. “The defendant is being interrogated. He’s going to be tried soon, ”he said.

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