Husband Pay Spouse Rs 2.6 Cr Arrears Go To Jail SC Divorce Case

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Pay Ms. Rs 2.6 cr maintenance arrears or go to jail, SC to husband

The Supreme Court on Friday gave a man the last opportunity to pay his estranged wife’s alimony arrears of Rs.2.6 billion and monthly alimony of Rs.175 billion. Otherwise he could be sent to jail.

A bank headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde, consisting of Judges AS Bopanna and V. Ramasubramanian, said: “Accordingly, as a last chance, we allow the respondent to periodically pay the entire outstanding amount to him along with the monthly maintenance Ms., within four weeks from today, otherwise the interviewee (husband) may have to be punished and sent to civil prison. “

The bank found that the husband has been looking for time to make payments for over two years. The lawyer who appeared for the woman said he had enough funds to pay but was not ready, despite the man insisting he had no money and was looking for time to pay.

The Supreme Court published the matter after four weeks and warned the man that if he doesn’t pay, arrest warrants can be issued at the next hearing.

“The learned attorney, who appears on behalf of the interviewee and the interviewee himself, does not deny that he has been directed to pay his wife money on two levels: one is the monthly alimony of 1.75,000 rupees and the other is past alimony arrears from 2009 in the amount of approximately 2.60 billion rupees, of which 50,000 Rs. was paid to the wife, “the Supreme Court said in its order.

The woman’s lawyer told the court that he had failed to comply despite payment orders and was instead leading a lavish lifestyle.

When the man’s lawyer argued that if his client went behind the bars, the woman would not get any maintenance, the bank replied that it would serve the interests of justice.

Stressing that a husband could not relinquish his responsibility for the maintenance of his wife, the bank instructed the man to borrow or borrow money and to resolve the outstanding amounts related to the maintenance of his estranged wife.

“In order to see whether the respondent (husband) has complied with this order, the matter (s) must be brought before this court within four weeks. If the amount is not paid, arrest warrants and prison sentences against the respondent can be issued on that date “, it was said.

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