Husband pursues ex-wife in hopes of avoiding baby assist: Chagrin Falls Police Blotter


Civil matter: Church Street

An official responded to a May 21 report at 8:05 a.m. about a Michigan numbered car parked on the street. When asked, the driver said he was acting as his own private investigator and was watching his ex-wife.

He explained that if she marries or lives with another man within five years of her divorce, he will not have to pay child support.

The woman was notified and offered to help the police, but refused.

Attack: Riverside Park

Officials taped a report of a youth attacking another in the park at 6:29 pm on May 22nd. Further details were not available.

Animal bite: Maple Street

While a woman was walking her dog on the sidewalk on May 27, another dog was able to bite her dog through the fence on his property. A bite report was filed documenting the incident.

Harassing Communication: Wilding Chase

One man reported on May 27 that his brother called him and texted him threatening his life and causing assault. He asked his brother to stop, but he persisted.

Theft: North Main Street

At 11 p.m. in a restaurant on May 27, a woman reported that her purse was stolen or lost. Officials helped find the wallet and the restaurant locked it down for safekeeping until it could be picked up by the owner the next day.

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