I do not need any upkeep, I simply need custody of my little one: Nisha Rawal

Their seemingly perfect marriage of nine years collapsed after Nisha Rawal was on bail in the early hours of the 1st. He has alleged that Nisha banged her head against the wall and blamed him. In the last week of June she made a second complaint; this time against Karan and his family for fraud, physical and emotional abuse. While Karan could not be contacted, Nisha spoke about the case and where they stand today in an exclusive interview with the Bombay Times.

“Karan has always been offensive, but the intensity has increased in recent years”

The actress says that while their relationship has always been abusive, things have gotten worse in recent years. According to her, the marriage went downhill after her abortion in 2014. She says: “The child had to be aborted because she had abnormalities and three holes in her heart. While I was going through a difficult period after losing my child and needed Karan’s support, he didn’t seem to be there for me. I was diagnosed with a depressive phase of bipolarity in May 2016. My therapy lasted three months, after which I felt better. ”Nisha says that she endured so many years of physical and mental abuse because she was madly in love
Karan. She says, “Every time I wanted to end the marriage, he apologized for his behavior and promised not to repeat it. I gave in because I loved him and didn’t want to part. ”

“The last nail in the coffin was when he admitted to having an extramarital affair”

Nisha’s world collapsed when she found out about Karan’s extramarital affair in March this year. She says, “At the beginning of this year I tried everything to save my marriage, including giving Karan a stay to resolve our differences and have a good time together. I even asked him if he was with another woman. After much deliberation and assurance of its end, we decided to start over. ”

Just days later, she says she found out that he was in a relationship with someone. She says, “I saw some messages from a girl on his phone and asked him if he was in love with her. He eventually admitted that he had been with her for almost seven months. I had no idea how to deal with it and decided to meet his parents in Delhi. Karan came too, but it didn’t help. I agreed to end the marriage, but it had to be handled mature. When we returned to Mumbai, he apologized again. He told me that he loved me and that he would try more to save our relationship. We kept going, but things were never the same and he got even more violent. ”

The night of the attack that caused Nisha to approach Mumbai police

Nisha says, “Whenever we had a violent argument or he hit me, he made it happen in the bedroom where there were no cameras.” She adds, “On May 31st, I tried my rakhi with Brother Rohit Sethia to talk to him about a friendly separation. One thing led to another and while we were in the bedroom he hit me, pulled my hair and hit my head against the wall. So I turned to the police. ”

Nisha filed another police complaint against his family after 25 days for fraud and abuse. When asked why she dragged his family into it, she says, “The first complaint was about the assault. The second complaint was not an overnight decision. Of course I needed time to think about it. ”

“I don’t want a cent from him now”

Nisha says her lawyers sent Karan an email asking for zero alimony and sole custody of her son, although he is allowed to meet him regularly. However, Karan disagrees with this. She says: “I don’t want any maintenance. What will he give me that I haven’t given him? We built everything together. I started earning at a very young age and supported him consistently even before he became a part of YRKKH. I’ve done so much work and whoever I’ve worked with will vouch for Karan to be in charge of the commercials. He took away all of my jewelry and everything I brought with me during our marriage. I asked him to return the jewelry he threw away because I have to start my life over. Meri mom ke property ke papers bhi uske paas pade hue hain, which he should return. There is nothing that I ask for myself. I am an independent girl and I will take care of my child and myself. ”

“Karan hasn’t called Kavish since his birthday”

According to Nisha, Karan has not tried to keep in touch with her son Kavish. “He called only once on Kavish’s birthday (June 14th) on the number of an actor friend to make a wish. He posted a picture of gifts he’d ordered for Kavish on his birthday. I want to know why these gifts never reached our son. Let me tell you, he hasn’t called Kavish a single time since his birthday, ”she says.

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