‘I used to be tricked into marriage’: Dennis Rodman was annoyed at paying $10,000 in youngster help and accused Annie Bakes of utilizing him for cash

Dennis Rodman lives his life on the edge. Today he is that character with cult status. But before the release of The Last Dance, he was a shabby athlete who had once done some terrible things. Rodman’s regain of fame was the success of the Michael Jordan-tinged Netflix show that entertained the world during lockdown.

She sheds light on the colorful life of the Bulls’ eccentric rebounder. Dennis Rodman achieved the same fame he achieved after partying with Dennis Rodman.

But before all that “traveling circus” vibe, The Worm was a talented young athlete struggling with the sudden popularity the NBA brought him. Broke most of his life, the sudden flood of money changed his life.

It brought him out of the confines of his childhood. But in his own words, it also ruined his perception of his ex-wife, Annie Bakes.

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Dennis Rodman accused Annie Bakes of tricking him

In his book Bad As I Wanna Be, Rodman spoke at length about his marriage to Annie Bakes. At first, he claimed he married her because of their daughter, Alexis.

Dennis later also revealed how Annie tried to take all his money from him. He accused her of luring him into marriage.

Dennis: “I think I was used in marriage. I think I was tricked into marriage. I think it was a setup from the start. I got used to the system. There’s a woman who says she loves you, and then all of a sudden she turns around and tries to take every penny away from you. Why? Because it’s suddenly hers after eighty-two days of marriage? No it does not.”

The worm had a problem paying Annie $10,000 in alimony

Dennis and Annie’s marriage was a disaster. The two argued and fought and things left a deep impression on both of them. Dennis Rodman developed a deep distrust of his child’s mother.

After their divorce, he even had a problem paying her $10,000 in child support. The former Bulls star believed Annie was using her daughter to steal $10,000 from him every month. In his book he wrote:

“God knows any man who doesn’t take care of his child is stupid. I give her $10,000 a month. Does this all go to my child? No. It’s okay to give the woman a comfortable life for a short time, then after a while the woman has to take responsibility and stand on her own two feet. When you start caring for the kid and the wife—for life—that’s a different story. She shouldn’t have what the man has, because the man made it to where he is without her.”

Rodman’s divorce from Annie escalated an already simmering eruption. The 6-foot-8-inch rebounder struggled to find mental and emotional well-being. Finally, Dennis Rodman attempted suicide in 1993, but luckily he fell asleep and became a legend himself.

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