Identify of family members, present images of these they are saying are lacking

(See gallery above with photos of the missing, by family members, relatives)

While the hospital and other officials do not disclose or confirm the number of people admitted or the names of those missing in the Champlain Towers south of the 12-story building on Collins Avenue, Local 10 will collect information as it comes in.

The numbers are constantly fluctuating, but at that point, officials said 102 people were recorded on Thursday afternoon while 99 people were not recorded. Of these 99 people, it is not known whether they were not in the building at the time or whether there are other factors that make them missing.

Local 10 crime scene news crews heard from family members and loved ones reporting that they tried to get in touch with people they knew were in the apartment when it collapsed.


Here are some of those names.

Edgar Gonzalez: According to family members, Gonzalez’s wife and daughter are being hospitalized at the Jackson Memorial’s Ryder Trauma Center, but they cannot reach the 45-year-old father. All three were in the same unit when the collapse occurred. How the family was separated is unclear.

Members of The Shul in Surfside: Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar of The Shul in Surfside says several members of the synagogue are missing. “There are very few words that can comfort someone because you are dealing with an unimaginable, terrible tragedy that happened in the middle of the night,” said Lipskar.

  • Nancy Kress Levin

  • Jay Kleinman

  • Frankie Kleinman

  • Aria body

  • Yisroel Tzvi Yosef

  • Tzvi Doniel

Couple who adopted a daughter who is staying in the Surfside apartment for who is missing

Fabian, Andres and the newly adopted daughter Sophia, Apt. 803: An apartment owner from Argentina told Glenna Milberg from Local 10 that she had friends in her unit who had just adopted a daughter. This owner was unable to contact the family, she said.


Deborah Berezdivin and Ilan Naibryf: Deborah Berezdivin has been listed as one of the missing members of Shul of Bal Harbor. Family members said their friend Ilan Naibryf was also missing.

Cassandra Stratton: A desperate woman told Local 10 News that her daughter’s friend is missing and that the missing resident’s husband is currently flying in from Colorado.

Brad Cohen, Ray and Mercy Urgelles, Ricky and Maituca Rovirosa, Myriam Caspi Notkin and Arnie Notkin, Maria Bonnefoy and Claudio Bonnefoy, Magally Delgado, Nicole Langesfeld and Luis Sadovnic, Juan Alberto Mora and Ana Mora: family members, friends, shared photos with 10 of the locals they say are missing.

Linda March, Ph. 4: 10 local video broadcast of the exposed area of ​​the Surfside condo collapse. This video showed white bunk beds and a desk chair. Moments later, Local 10 News reporter Glenna Milberg was contacted and told that the penthouse was owned by Linda March, a lawyer who moved to Surfside from New York. The friend said they wrote in March but they went unanswered.


Penthouse # 4 is said to be owned by attorney Linda March. Friends say they texted her but received no response. (WPLG)

Michael Altmann, Apt. 1101: His family and relatives are looking for him. They checked hospitals and filed a missing person report. Any help finding him would be greatly appreciated, the family said in a statement.

Alfredo and Lorenzo Leone, Apt. 512: A close friend of the Leone family said that Alfredo’s wife and mother of Lorenzo weren’t home at the time of the collapse, but the other two were missing.

The Guara family: A whole family of four is missing. A friend notified Local that Marcus and Ana Guara and their two children Lucia and Emma lived in the condo and will not be held accountable.

Leon Oliwkowicz and Christina Elvira Oliwkowicz, Apt. 704: The Oliwkowicz couple’s daughter contacted to say she had not heard from her 79-year-old father and 74-year-old mother who lived in the Champlain Towers.


Graciella Cattarossi and her daughter Estella: A friend wrote to Local 10 and posted a photo of Gabriella Cattarossi and her daughter Estella, missing after the Surfside building collapsed. The friend said Cattarossi’s elderly parents are also missing.

Luis Andres Bermudez and Ana Ortiz: Bermudez’s cousin contacted Local 10 to say he has muscular dystrophy and cannot walk.

Julio Cesar Velasquez, Angela Maria Velasquez and Theresa Velasquez, Apt. 304: A friend of Theresa Velasquez, 36, wrote to Local 10 to say that she and her parents, Julio Cesar Velasquez, 67, and Angela Maria Velasquez, 60, lived in Champlain Towers South in Apartment 304 and have not lived since then she heard the collapse.

Judy Spiegel, Apt. 603: Judy Spiegel’s daughter Rachel said she spoke to her 65-year-old mother at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday. She hasn’t heard from her since.

Simon Segal: Simon Segal’s niece sent a photo of her uncle who lives on the 11th floor of the Champlain Towers and she says the family hopes sending his photo will help find him.


Citizens of Four Foreign Countries: There are currently citizens of at least four foreign countries – Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, and Paraguay – who were not counted when the Surfside building collapsed, including Paraguayan nationals. The Paraguayan Foreign Ministry reports that six Paraguayan nationals are missing in the collapse, according to ABC News. They named 3 people: Luis Pettengill, Sophia López-Moreira and Lady Luna Villalba and there were 3 unidentified minors.


  • Year of construction 1981

  • More than 130 units

  • 55 units were completely destroyed.

  • 35 people were safely pulled out.

  • At least three dead.

  • 99 people as of 2 p.m. Thursday are not recorded, but the numbers are constantly changing, officials say.

  • 102 people were accounted for.

A family reunification hotline has been set up at 305-614-1819 and people can also file a missing person report online.

If you are at the Champlain Towers at 8777 Collins Ave. you are advised to complete this wellness check form to ensure that all tenants are in the building.


A Family Assistance Center is located at Surfside Recreational Center at 9301 Collins Ave. Open to people who cannot find relatives living in the building.

For more information on the county’s resources, click here.

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