If infidelity is suspected, the person separates the lady’s wrist and leg. arrested

BHOPAL: Police rescued a 30-year-old woman whose hand and leg had been removed by her husband, who was suspected of being unfaithful. The gruesome incident was reported at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the Paras colony in Nishatpura.

Identified as Sangeeta, the woman was rescued after a police team entered the house and overpowered her ax-wielding husband, Pritam Singh Rajput. The 32-year-old man even warned the police to stay away, otherwise he would attack them too.

The defendant doubted his wife was having an extramarital affair and often argued with her over the matter. The victim worked with a private company in Indore and

visited her family once every two weeks, and her husband was reportedly upset about this and suspected her character.

On Tuesday, Rajput returned home drunk and started an argument with his wife. The man grabbed an ax and attacked Sangeeta. The woman trying to save herself raised her left hand to stop him, but the ax caught her hand and severed it from the wrist. The angry man didn’t stop there and even hacked her left foot.

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