Iker Casillas makes an announcement following rumors of infidelity and his return to hospital – Explica .co

Iker Casillas has one official statement An alleged relationship he would have had with a young woman since 2019 when he was married to Sara Carbonero went public the year she had surgery for a malignant ovarian tumor.

“I’m tired of seeing different people make up stories about me, so I made the decision to have my lawyers initiate the relevant lawsuits“It says.

He also wanted to make it clear that the news published in the media that he had a different one The heart-related health problem was wrong.

“Various messages have spread news of my health, suggesting that I have relapsed due to the disease that I got through when it was simple allergy attack“, Has explained.

The former soccer player has threatened to sue those who divulge this information who “should demonstrate in front of the courts“.

He has assured that he and his family are suffering “a permanent harassment“Since they announced their separation and caused irreparable damage to them.” “

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