Improve in beneficiaries of the Saudi Ministry of Justice’s upkeep fund by 50%

Riyadh: Saudi women find more employment as private and government agencies seek to reach qualified women in the kingdom’s economic sectors.

The Saudi Industrial Cities and Technical Zones Authority (MODON) announced that the number of Saudi women working in the industrial cities it monitors has increased by almost 120 percent, reaching 17,000 female workers by the end of March this year.
Khalid Al-Salem, MODON’s general manager, said the agency “has come a long way” and is still looking to empower women in the industrial sector.
He added that MODON has made the industrial sector more attractive to women through innovative financing products, services and solutions that fit their important role in the national economy. Incentives for working women include the introduction of industrial oases, characterized by the availability of kindergartens, parking spaces, and medical and leisure centers.
“These oases are home to clean industries such as the medical and food industries, the rubber and high-tech industries, and pre-built factories that support women entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses,” he said.


• 12 industrial cities in the Riyadh region employ 11,750 women.

• 13 industrial cities in the western region have 3,500 women.

• 10 industrial cities in the eastern region have 1,750 employees.

Al-Salem added that small prefabricated factories will open in 2021 to allow women to invest in the industrial city of Dammam, a first for the kingdom.
“MODON continues to empower women, both as employees and as investors, by working with the public and private sectors to create a model environment,” said MODON’s General Manager.
He added that an agreement has been signed with an insurance company to provide comprehensive services to investors in industrial cities.
He said: “MODON wants to support women’s productivity by providing an optimal work environment. For this reason, she has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a building development company to implement kindergarten and kindergarten programs in industrial cities and oases under the guidance of the Ministry of Education. “
Al-Salem said the Industry Strengthening and Fostering Local Talent Strategy aims to activate the role of women in industrial development in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to strengthen their role in the national economy.
“MODON has managed to increase the number of Saudi women in industrial cities, reaching 17,000 female employees by the end of the first quarter of 2020, compared to 7,860 by the end of 2018,” he added.

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