Indignant father allegedly kills 7-year-old daughter to avenge his spouse’s infidelity

By Evelyn Usman

Your name is favor. The last time she saw her mother was in December 2019, when she was barely five years old.

Her mother hugged her with tears in her eyes and promised to come and get her.

Little Favor apparently thought that her mother had just left her home in Ikorodu, Lagos, to return later in the day, as she did.

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But her mother left the shores of Nigeria in search of greener pastures in the United States of America.

Broken promise

Before leaving her apartment, Favors mother also hugged her husband John Emmanuel and implored him in a low tone to take care of her daughter.

Unfortunately, Favor was withheld from fulfilling this promise. This is because her remains were buried in a shallow grave while reading this article.

Surprisingly, her attacker is said to be her father.

His reason? He is believed to have killed her after it became known that his wife had married a Sierra Leonean in the United States and was pregnant for the foreigner.

Criminal Investigation found that Emmanuel, after allegedly killing Favor, buried her remains in a shallow grave and escaped.

Neighbors who hadn’t seen Favor in a long time became curious when they didn’t see their father either.

One of them is said to have alerted others when he discovered a freshly dug shallow grave behind their building. When the curious neighbor tried to find out what was buried, he is said to have found out that it was favor. Neighbors concluded that the deceased’s father was guilty.

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