‘Indori Ishq’ reveals infidelity from a male perspective: director Samit Kakkad

‘Indori Ishq’ shows infidelity from a male perspective: director Samit Kakkad

Mumbai: Samit Kakkad, director of the upcoming teen romance web series “Indori Ishq,” says the story looks at infidelity from a different angle, where the boy is betrayed by the girl and expected to move on.

The story revolves around the unrequited love of a young man who ends up as a victim in an unfaithful relationship. The narrative tries to explore how the rules of attachment and loyalty in a relationship differ drastically for the sexes.

“Relationships can only be sustained if both individuals are equally involved in making it work. With ‘Indori Ishq’ we highlighted how Kunal (the protagonist) falls victim to Tara’s betrayal, but he is so in love that he is willing to overlook her infidelity. He is on the verge of losing his self-respect and unwittingly plunges into a world of pain. However, society’s reactions would have been far worse if the tide had been turned in Tara, and it’s that stereotype that we’re trying to destroy with this narrative, ”said Kakkad.

The nine-part series includes Ritvik Sahore and Vedika Bhandari and will be released on MX Player on June 10th.

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