‘Infidelity, Blackmail, Humiliation’: Syeda Aliza Sultan Breaks Silence on Her Marriage to Feroze Khan

Syeda Aliza Sultan comes forward with shocking revelations about her toxic marriage to Feroze Khan.

It’s breakup season in Tinsel Town as celebrity couples continue to share shocking revelations about their spouses. Recently, Syeda Aliza Sultan shared the story behind her divorce with actor Feroze Khan.

Although the couple welcomed their second child, they had a messy relationship. Recently, Feroze went to the Karachi City Court to file a lawsuit against his wife. Aliza Sultan took to her social media to address the reason for ending her four-year marriage to the have Star.

In a heartfelt message to her followers, Aliza opens up about the physical and psychological trauma she endured during her marriage to Feroze Khan. She calls her marriage an abusive relationship and has taken steps to protect her children from growing up in such a toxic environment.

“Our years of marriage have been a complete mess,” she wrote. “I had to endure infidelity, blackmail and humiliation at the hands of my husband.”

Aliza continued to talk about her children. She worries about the mental health of her children.

“The well-being of my children played an important role in this decision. I don’t want them to grow up in a toxic, unhealthy, violent household.” She adds, “I’d rather teach them that no wounds are too deep to heal, no scars too shameful to open to hide the cost of their own security.”

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