Infidelity? Cau Bornes mentioned that the connection between Valeria Lynch and Mariano Martínez got here “from earlier than”.

The Brazilian singer is demanding a millionaire from his ex-wife Source: LA NACION – Photo credit: Gerardo Viercovich

The divorce between Valeria Lynch and Cau Bornes adds new chapters. Adding to the allegations between the two are new allegations made by the singer against his ex-partner about some of the causes that would have accelerated the ultimate outcome of the relationship.

Guest of the Angels am MorgenBornes program was asked about the reasons that led to the couple’s estrangement. He said there were several and made it clear, “We’re both done, it’s very private things that can’t be told on TV. I grew up in a house of ethics, ”said the artist first.

Bornes suggested, however, that Valeria Lynch’s current relationship with the musician Mariano Martínez, with whom the singer is currently in Punta del Este, “was from the past, but it doesn’t matter,” he said. He added, “I’m not surprised that someone loves someone. I heard about it from a show seller about Sadaic (Argentine Society of Music Authors and Composers) from friends of ours. “

The Brazilian noted that he left the house they shared when they decided to split up, for which he understands he should be financially rewarded. “I didn’t know that I was legally covered. A year and a half ago, I took my mattress and left. She politely asked me to go. There are many husbands who don’t leave until the divorce is over. It gets a little trickier with this divorce process, so I grabbed my mattress and went into a one-person office. I stayed three months, ”he said.

Towards the end of their relationship, Cau added, “I slept with the enemy. We bought an apartment together and I later found out that he was acting on his behalf. In 2011 we passed the house on our behalf via Fernando Burlando, but I did not write in my name, but on behalf of her and her children, ”he said of the alleged joint property.

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