Infidelity Does not Justify Bodily Abuse – Deno Loopy | leisure

When Instagram sensation Deno Crazy first appeared on Govana’s hit music series HAMANTS Convo, his character Chris was ridiculed and ridiculed for overlooking his wife’s infidelity and sticking with her despite the betrayal.

The Gyal Clown label stayed with Chris, but Deno Crazy believes that men, especially those scorned for infidelity, should take a page out of Chris’ book.

“Mi nuh think people are really meditating on the messages that Convo sent. The show was so entertaining that a lot of people miss a part when we say we don’t support violence against women. In the beginning we did a show, which said you have a husband. ” We are like Chris who is ready to meet a person and look after the lady, but you have a woman who is just wild and has more than one man. Once you find out that you have a woman like dat there are alternative ways to deal with it. Yuh nuh affi beat her up, “he said.

Deno Crazy noticed that when Chris found out about the infidelity, the first thing he thought of hurting his wife was.

“Somebody tells him he is saying no man, no violence against women, and Chris handles it and finds that he beats the woman stupid,” he said. “The convo show says there are other ways to get things done.” He suggested that those hurt by infidelity could seek advice.

“These things really happen every day and nuff man ends up getting the situation wrong because no one can ever tell that there are other avenues,” he said. “Nothing is wrong with seeking advice. You need to have a friend or two to talk to about certain things. We can speak up, so do stupid things. Seek advice when you have to.”

He added, “We really have a choice. We don’t have to lay hands on our partners and notice that I am saying partner because women have a beat man too. Dat was the key message sent by the very first convo, but I think it flies over nuff people’s heads because the whole thing was just so entertaining. “

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