Infidelity fuels gender-based violence in Hurungwe

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Cases of gender-based violence and infidelity among married couples in Hurungwe have become a widespread social disease that has led to the breakdown of many marriages in the area, and both are now severely punished in the local traditional courts.

Chief Chundu, Mr Abel Mbasera, said that there is frequent gender-based violence and infidelity in both married women and men in Hurungwe that needs to be addressed.

Violence was never a solution. So, if someone couldn’t control their emotions and overreact, resulting in injury to a spouse or partner, it could lead to a lot of problems.

“In some cases, spouses resort to violence when they discover that the partner is in a promiscuous relationship that has dire consequences,” said Chief Chundu.

He said it was worrying and discouraging to see fraud partners, especially these days of HIV and AIDS.

Chief Chundu is now imposing a harsh sentence on the perpetrators of violence and in cases of infidelity involving married couples.

He urged people to be loyal and also to find satisfaction with what they have and not to be interested in other things.

“I force fraudulent partners, especially men, to compensate the real husband with two beasts. I usually do this to end the infidelity, but there are still cases that crop up every day, ”said Chief Chundu.

“Be satisfied with your partners, don’t long for what you don’t have. A marriage is an important union that can no longer be manipulated. Respect each other in marriages, ”he said.

Chief Chundu argued that society does not allow men and women to sleep around.

Hurungwe villagers voiced their own views on why cases of infidelity and gender-based violence were so high in their area.

Ms. Maria Matare said infidelity and gender-based violence cannot be separated, those who fight each other every day are likely to cheat.

“Spouses react violently when they find that their partners have cheated on them because they cannot control the emotions that overwhelm them, whether male or female,” she said.

“It also had something to do with upbringing and socialization when we got married.”

Mr Tendai Baka said the best course of action if a spouse has cheated is to divorce as the cheating spouse could bring disease to the relationship. “If your wife is infidelity, the best thing to do is to go to court and get a divorce because she infects you with diseases like HIV and AIDS.

Research has shown that children who come from broken families would not find it easy in life. Infidelity and violence drive family happiness away and leave hostility and bitterness among family members.

More education is needed to highlight the importance of a stable family, so that people know the value of a stable family.

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