Infidelity: journey of a thousand kilometers

Another article about infidelity! If lice are not removed from clothing, their blood on the nails cannot be invisible, according to a relevant vernacular. The dangerous extent of its effects will not allow those affected to be dissuaded from speaking about it at the slightest opportunity. It’s the first step that often leads to infidelity. Remember that a popular saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.” So here I am trying to draw our attention to this fact regarding infidelity. It is a journey that also begins with a step or an action. It could be:

Carelessness: One that a person just walks into without thinking about it. There is no plan or consideration to get involved. It’s like something random; some kind of spontaneous event. It’s like being ushered in by circumstance or situation. As someone said, she found herself in it before calling Jack Robinson. She found herself in a great place on a hot day, and it happened. It was the first time and a first step that led to a one-way journey into infidelity for her.

Innocent: This is a step that can come from being nice to someone of the opposite sex. It’s like there’s no string. Therefore, one must be careful to be caring. “Ooreniwon” means caring has limits. Don’t be so caring that you get emotionally carried away by the plot. It’s a possible step in a journey of infidelity. A man actually fell into infidelity when he made the decision to help an ex financially. It was an honest and innocent step, but it ended in infidelity, which for him culminated in polygamy. He never survived.

Intentionally: This is a case of one sitting down to make a life of infidelity for consideration. This can be material or financial. One woman said her journey into infidelity began with her husband’s financial instability. To find a way out, she decided to take her fate into her own hands by getting involved in illegal affairs with a big company in her oil and gas industry. It was a carefully thought out plan on her part, and she was handsomely rewarded financially, albeit at the cost of her home and health.

Emotional support: When a partner is sexually unfulfilled in their marriage, he or she may intentionally engage in infidelity. Whichever path one takes, it is a step that leads to the journey.

You can neither control nor predict how it will end. Why? You are only a participant. Your partner in the story also has his or her intentions regarding the trip. You may plan to do it for a while while he or she may have a lifetime deal in mind. You may want an affair while your partner wants revenge for a past experience with someone else.


You might even go in just for the adventure, while your partner might be looking for someone to devour for their own good. If only there were an art of discerning the mind’s construction in the face (to use the words of William Shakespeare), many people who engage in infidelity will be more cautious or stay away from it. Don’t fish in troubled waters.

A man became unfaithful and he practically became a slave to the lady involved. In the morning he left his house; drop by the concubine’s shop to help her shop for goods for her shop on a daily basis. It was through the whiskers that he escaped with his life. And it all started with a handshake at an event.

So, in conclusion, I say that every married person should be sensitive not to make the first attempt at infidelity. A bright smile, a hot look, a warm hug and an innocent ride could be the first step towards infidelity. Caution in such situations is the antidote to entrapment. We should recognize when and how to break away when a handshake moves above the elbow and up to the armpit. It’s the only lifeline one can use to avoid falling into infidelity. Don’t act like the main character in DOFaguwa’s “Forest of a Thousand Demons” who has turned her back on her destiny to follow a strange lady. There is more to it than meets the eye. Let’s tread gently so as not to take the first step into infidelity. It’s a favor you owe yourself. Or is it worth the risk? I do not think so.


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