Infidelity Saga: Cease This Insanity, 2face Fires Warning To Household, Followers

Amid the infidelity scandal that shook his marriage and the public argument between his wife, Annie, and some of his siblings, 2face Idibia has come out strong to warn his wife, family and fans to feast on it and said: “This madness has lasted too long and it has to stop.”

It is recalled that during one of the singer’s visits to the United States, Annie called her husband and accused him of having an affair with one of his baby moms, who is simply called Pero.

Annie, who said she was running out of patience, claimed she had taken so much from 2face over the years, adding that patience doesn’t make her an innocent fool.

Matters got messy as it dominated the discourse on social media platforms, with fans split and friends from 2face taking different sides.

Concerned about how its brand and family name are being unnecessarily dragged onto social media, 2face, who was in the eye of the storm, issued a statement calling on everyone involved in the situation not to have further discussions on the matter.

He also warned his family and fans against dragging his name through the mud, just as he urged them to let the family handle the situation internally

“I wouldn’t sit back and watch everyone here wage a free struggle in the name of love or solidarity. Neither of us is perfect. I want to urge our families and supporters to stop the madness and urge the public to respect our privacy and our children. Let’s solve our problems internally, ”he pleaded.


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