Infidelity? The alleged lover of Galilea Montijo’s husband speaks

Infidelity? The alleged lover of Galilea Montijo’s husband speaks | INSTAGRAM

Not something new that the most popular driver of the mexican televisionFor several months now, the beautiful Galilea Montijo has been dealing with the strong rumors about her husband’s alleged infidelity.

That’s right, there are different ones Speculation who confirm that everything the rumors tell is the absolute truth and that Gali is blinded by the love she feels for her life partner. However, the charismatic woman replied that she trusts Fernando Reina and believes in everything he says.

Let’s get to the point, for the last few weeks it has been said with enough emphasis that Fernando Reina was unfaithful to our beloved Galilea with one of them Colleague from his workand now the alleged third party spoke in discord about the relationship she has with the businessman with whom it was also said that she had a son.

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Although internet users like to know all aspects of the personal life of their favorite artists, they have gone crazy with this topic.

And it turns out that Daniela Miruvska is the woman who has been linked to Fernando Reina in an extramarital relationship. This woman is also married to another person. The detail is that she works with Galilea Montijo’s husband in Atizapán City Hall. It was there that all rumors began to exist.

Miruvska recently spoke about it on one of the most famous shows in Mexico and even clarified whether it is true that Reina was putting it on him. He said it all with the following words: “Yes, I know Fernando, we became employees, our relationship was really work, we lived very little. My office wasn’t in the town hall, really, having a relationship with a baby is an invention. “

It was also commented on Daniela that she left her marriage to a man of great power to be with Fernando Reina, who allegedly gave her a fun. She also stated that they have a separate and very professional working relationship to avoid misunderstandings and also responded about the existence of an allegedly intimate video that was recorded at his workplace.

“All of this is an invention, I think it’s a political attack. Fernando doesn’t know the spa, I have the spa before I enter the town hall, I was with him for a year and a half,” he commented on his famous company.

For his part of the above video, he openly said that if there was a video, he would like to take it out, thereby challenging those who affirm the existence of the video: “I’m so sure that nothing exists. The only thing that was important to me was cleaning my image. That’s why I dared to give this interview. “Were the literal words the interviewee mentioned.

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These rumors started on Jorge Carbajal’s En Shock YouTube program when it was said that Fernando Reina was in a relationship with a woman with whom he had a son.

“Fernando cheated on Galilea Montijo for a long time, he cheated on her all the time, she traveled a lot for work, she worked a lot, advertised, done this, made the others, so he is in other roles in turn”.

Faced with this intense controversy, Galilea replied that if there are ups and downs in marriages but nothing serious has happened in his marriage, and he later flatly denied all rumors.

“I think there are no secrets, he is a great father, he is a great person whom I adore and respect very much, and well, what he says to me is not known to me and I trust him what he tells me Galilea mentioned.


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