Íñigo Onieva closes the fence and already is aware of who the treacherous boyfriend who leaked the video of his infidelity is

The ex-boyfriend of Tamara Falco He is desperately looking for the boyfriend who cheated on him by publishing the controversial video in which he kisses another woman at a festival on American soil.

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According to a source close to the disbeliever, “Inigo is targeting two people who were on that show with him.” He was aware they were recording him flirting with this girl, they tell us, but “it came never crossed his mind that they would betray him.”

What isn’t believed is “that it was Isabel Preysler who received the video and leaked it, that ruled it out,” they point out. Today, although many do not believe it, “She is very bad, she regrets what she has done. And she loves Tamara very much,” assures his friends. “No one should think that he was with her out of interest,” they defend him.

But it must not be too deep, because in a few days he is expected in an Ibizan disco where a big party is being held to end the summer season. A big party where there will be no shortage of girls that Onieva likes so much. Beautiful, uninhibited, funny and kissing.

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