Insurance coverage Fraud Monitoring with CSI Safe Options – Press Launch

CSI Secure Solutions is one of the most professional and reliable surveillance companies that has now focused on insurance fraud cases with its licensed professional investigators. With their nationwide network of investigators, they can provide coverage in most regions of the country.

The insurance market is a conglomerate of more than 7,000 individual companies that accumulate more than $ 1 trillion in premiums annually. With so much money flowing through the industry, it’s a prime target for a wide variety of fraudulent activity. Insurance is the second most common target of fraud after banking. Perhaps one of the most common forms of Insurance fraud is a claim to an incident that either never existed or never occurred. There are several ways this can be done for several reasons. Employee compensation fraud is also one of the most common areas in the insurance business. Employers or companies manipulate their payroll or the number of jobs their employees do to pay lower rates. Such companies often apply for coverage under various names in order to thwart efforts to recover funds based on previous schemes or to avoid disclosing an inadequate claims record.

Insurance fraud is a growing problem worldwide, particularly in the US. Insurance fraud robs the economy billions of dollars each year and costs the average US family between $ 400 and $ 700 a year. It is more important than ever for companies in America to ensure that: a monitoring It is extremely important to have a partner who understands the many different types of fraud that can be relied on to fight false claims. With CSI Secure Solutions, organizations can learn more about insurance fraud investigations and provide essential protection a business needs.

CSI Secure Solutions, founded by Chris Cavallo, provides services such as surveillance operations, Skip tracing, Finding missing people, checking welfare with friends and family members, civil / criminal investigation, litigation assistance, digital forensics, hidden asset discovery and security advice for any business. With 35 years of surveillance experience, the company now provides dependable insurance fraud investigation services with its professional and experienced insurance fraud investigators.

No company can stand insurance fraud. CSI Secure Solutions covers the full range of insurance fraud cases, from healthcare fraud to disability to personal injury and even fake death. Their experts are trained to look for signs of fraud: they can review inquiries, medical and hospital records, conduct interviews, review statements and documents, and conduct on-site inspections. CSI Secure Solutions is always available to uncover fraud situations with their prompt response and supporting evidence by providing only the best resources to protect their customers from such false allegations. CSI Secure Solutions Investigators use various investigative methods and strategies to help companies identify misconduct more efficiently and protect their rights and confidentiality. Some of these services include witness location / interview / explanation / testimonials, detailed background research, counseling services and monitoring.

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