Introducing GPS monitoring to the Peloton Android app “within the coming weeks”

The GPS tracking feature, which has long been available in the Peloton iOS app, finally seems to be making its way to the Android app. The latest app update notes include a new mention of the GPS tracking feature:

This version includes 3 new and exciting features:
GPS – We will be rolling out support for GPS in beta in the coming weeks. GPS allows you to track the speed, distance and route of your outdoor runs.
Portrait Player – Allows you to view each class in portrait mode so you can follow your peloton class however you like.
Filter by Peloton Guide Classes – The Made for Movement Tracker filter allows you to filter by power classes and bookmark them to include with your Peloton Guide.

Peloton Android App Update Notes. Thanks to Katie #2BFair

Apparently, not all users see these notices in the Android app description.

The GPS tracking feature — which allows members to view metrics on their outdoor runs — was first introduced to the iOS app in 2019. However, it took more than three years for the feature to be rolled out in the Android app. We reported that Peloton was getting closer to adding the GPS tracking feature to the Android app in late April – around the same time there were issues with the feature’s accuracy in the iOS app.

We previously reported on the Made for Movement Tracker filter that has been added to the Android app. This has been a feature that has been highly requested by Guide users and will hopefully be available on other platforms soon.

GPS tracking is the first step for Android users to get the highly requested “Just Workout” feature that launched in the iOS app last month. This feature allows members to track and earn Peloton credits (by maintaining their daily streak, annual challenge minutes, etc.) for any walk, run, or bike ride performed outdoors. Just Workout is not yet available on the Android app and the feature requires GPS tracking capabilities to work. Learn more about this new feature in our overview article.

If you are an Android app user, will you use the new GPS tracking feature?

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