Invoice Gates Bombshell: A long time of Infidelity | 93.1 WPOC

The divorce from Bill Gates has gotten messy.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Gates was ousted from the Microsoft board of directors, which he co-founded, last year because of an inappropriate “sexual relationship” with a Microsoft employee. The engineer claimed in a letter that the affair with Gates began in 2000 and lasted for years. Not only did she want changes to her job, she wanted Melinda to read her letter. It’s not clear that this happened, but the company has been investigating. He stepped back before it could be locked. While a spokeswoman admitted there was an amicable affair nearly 20 years ago, she denied that his resignation from the board had anything to do with it. “He had expressed interest in spending more time on his philanthropy from a few years on,” said the spokesman.

But that is not all. The New York Times published a report on Sunday that Bill had persecuted several women in his office long after his marriage. They recalled two instances where he was clumsily trying to get women to go out with him. One of the women was notified by email in 2006. She ghosted Bill who closed his email (quote): “If this makes you feel uncomfortable, pretend it never happened.”

These disturbing reports follow another that noted, such as Melinda Gates The divorce proceedings began the same month that Bill was exposed for a friendly friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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