Iraqi mom kills daughters with Kalashnikov assault rifle for infidelity of her husband

The woman in custody by the Iraqi police.

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An Iraqi mother killed her daughters after allegedly being instructed by “Satan” to do the job.

Basra Police Department revealed the secret of the murder of two girls in their home after their mother alleged two masked people broke into the home, shot the victims, and stole a sum of money and gold jewelry.

The girls, aged 17 and 15, were gunned down with a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

According to the police, “a court order was issued for her arrest, and during interrogation she confessed that she committed the murder in revenge on her husband …”

Local media reported that the husband was having an affair.

It is not clear what the argument between the couple was.

The woman also claimed that it was Satan who directed her to do the killing.

Police said: “Legal action has been taken against her and she has been brought to justice to receive her just sentence.”

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