Is it emotional infidelity? These 10 conditions are in a grey space

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A drama-free life is (probably) what most of us want, right? We don’t want to hurt the feelings of our loved ones. We don’t want to pucker up feathers when it’s not necessary. We want to be as honest as possible as it is exhausting to keep an eye on lies. However, we also don’t believe that everything that happens to us should be shared with the romantic partner in our life.

Most of us can probably agree that sleeping with someone who is not your identified monogamous partner is considered a scam. For many, it’s a reason for divorce or separation. Many also agree that fooling around (oral, handicraft, etc.) is also considered a scam and is a criminal offense to be cut off by your partner. When it comes to kissing someone who is not your partner, no one thinks it’s a good thing, but how “bad” it is and how to deal with it after it’s revealed is something they will care about People may disagree. So, if you are already in a place where physical indiscretion like a kiss is a gray area, then there are as many gray areas to emotional infidelity as if you were operating in a fog. Here are some cases that get really difficult.

Unrequited flirting

Sometimes you have these people in your life who are always flirting with you. This can be a neighbor, a co-worker, a male friend (but is he only a friend when he is flirting?), Or even someone online. You are not encouraging this at all. You don’t say anything or do anything that suggests you want this flirtation. And you definitely won’t flirt back when it happens. However, they also don’t bother to put an end to it. You don’t want to cause drama. You fear that when you call about what’s happening or mention you are in a relationship, you will be accused of being “tense” or “full of yourself” so don’t say anything. If your partner found out that A) the flirtation took place and B) you never stepped in to stop it, they could get hurt. Wouldn’t you be if the tables were turned?

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