Is My Instinct Telling Me that My Partner is Dishonest? Or is it Saying One thing Else?

You should always trust your intuition.  Always.  Your intuition gives you clues to things that you just can’t put your finger on–yet.  If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have an intuition that you may have a cheating spouse.

But sometimes it’s hard to figure out just exactly WHAT our intuition is telling us–especially in matters of the heart.  That’s because intuition is partly an emotional response.  Our other emotional responses can get tied up with our intuition–especially when our emotions run strong.  This can throw anybody for a little spin (or a big one).

The two times that emotions get in our way the most are when we are madly in love, and when we’re afraid we’re being done wrong.  If you think your spouse is cheating on you, you’re feeling at least one of these two things–very likely you’re feeling both.  You can be forgiven if you’re not sure what your intuition is telling you, or if you’re likely to jump to conclusions.

It’s quite possible that your intuition is correct and you just need to catch your partner in the act (or collect your information in another manner).

But that “bad feeling” you get may not come from an outside source at all.  It may be that in your past you have been cheated on, and the experience burned you so badly that the moment you detect anything wrong, you think you’re being cheated on.

Or perhaps YOU were the cheater at one time, and you’re worried about it happening to you.  Then possibly it’s just that you know there is something wrong with the relationship, and want to attribute it to an outside source–when really it’s something inside the relationship that needs to be worked on.

In any case, your intuition is telling you something.  But it’s hard in matters like this to know just what exactly it’s trying to tell you.  The only way to really find out is to learn the signs of a cheating spouse.  Then you can keep a close eye on your loved one, using tricks perfected by others before you, and figure out what’s really going on with your spouse.

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