‘I’ve nothing to do with the state of his marriage’ – Madonna as soon as fired again at explosive infidelity studies about ‘late evening visits’ with Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez

Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez divorced his then-wife Cynthia Rodriguez. It happened because the former baseball player apparently cheated on his then-wife. He is rumored to have cheated on his wife with none other than the “Queen of Pop” Madonna.

Cynthia and Alex married in 2002. They broke up after six years of unfortunate events. Cynthia later decided to leave the athlete and move to Miami with her daughters Ella and Natasha, who were 11 months and 3 years old at the time.


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However, Madonna has denied any allegations of a relationship with the former baseball player. She also once retorted that she had nothing to do with A-Rod and Cynthia’s marital situation.

Alex Rodriguez made late-night visits to Madonna’s New York apartment?

US Weekly reported on something that infuriated the singer in its cover story It’s Over. It said the former baseball player had made late-night visits to the pop queen’s home. The report was later denied by both the pop star and the athlete. The cover story also reported that Madonna’s marriage to film director Guy Ritchie was essentially over.

However, it was not enough to deny the nocturnal visits. The singer was furious at the comments about her marriage. She released a statement in People’s Magazine and said: “My husband and I have no plans to divorce.”

She continued: “I took my kids to a yankee game. I am in no way romantically involved with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage.”


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Allegations of cheating caused Rodriguez’s marriage to fall apart. And the singer was also blamed for it.


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Have Madonna and Alex ever been in a relationship?

The pop queen and baseball star have both denied ever having a relationship over the years. But even in 2008 there were rumors about a date for a long time.


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The rumors might just be rumors, and only the two of them know the whole truth. However, A-Rod’s ex-fiancé, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez once dressed up as a pop queen at the 2020 Halloween party, so to this day it’s not possible to tell if the two were in an actual relationship or not. What do you think?

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