Jake Paul Attacks Conor McGregor With Steroids, Marital Infidelity Attacks – Overtime Heroics

Wow. There’s evil and then there’s evil. YouTuber and 5-fight professional boxer Jake Paul went big (and beyond) with a brutal social media diatribe against UFC star Conor McGregor.

“Conor, Conor, Conor — you’re more active on Twitter than the octagon,” Paul said via video post on his Instagram account. “Stop taking Trenbolone and start fighting. You cheat on your wife more actively than in the octagon. Your priorities are messed up. Put the bottle down and keep fighting. You haven’t won a fight in five damn years, and the last time it was against (Donald) “Cowboy” Cerrone – who hasn’t won a fight since he fought you.

“I’m a ‘nobody,’ you say in that tweet. Well yes you are right. I’m just a damn boy from Ohio – I’m really a nobody. But here you’ve fought your sixth fight: there are literally two people in the crowd. And here I will fight my sixth fight: Madison Square Garden, the mecca of boxing, on August 6th. I know you’ll be watching, little one.”

Paul then took a few digs at McGregor’s money affairs, pointing out that Conor had made $150,000 in his 18th pro fight (a win over Dustin Poirier at the UFC 178 pay-per-view) while boasting about $15 million for to have earned his fifth professional boxing match.

“You have a lot to say about me but I split millions of dollars with underpaid fighters while you share hookers with Dana White,” Paul added, firing at the known target, UFC boss Dana White. Incidentally, while he was saying this, he was showing a clip of a woman, not McGregor’s wife, charging into the camera and then filming McGrgeor in what appeared to be a sleeping hotel bed. “Oops – I’m sorry, Conor. I know your PR team is trying to hide this video. You shouldn’t have been kidding me, Conor. this is my game There’s a new king in town. I’m running shit now.

“Fix your calcium deficiency, stop breaking your bones and get in the ring and make $200 million. Conor, no matter how you cut it, we’re just not on the same level. I am my own boss. Yes, you made $100 million fighting Floyd [Mayweather], but Dana took half of it. So no matter what you do or what you do, cut that shit in half.

“If we went net for net, I wouldn’t give a shit, Conor. Put the bottle down, get off Twitter, get back in the ring and shut up, or I’ll put your leash back on you. Fuck you, Conor.”

So yes, this is beyond trash talk. Bringing a fighter’s alleged marital infidelity into the public discourse definitely goes way beyond where this sort of fight-building beef normally goes. In fact, one could argue that Paul has gone so far and gotten so personal that the bad blood produced could actually stand in the way of a fight with McGregor and the UFC/Dana White. People are generally reluctant to do business with someone they despise so much.

In any case, this meanness is definitely making big headlines and Paul will be helping to promote his August 6th Showtime PPV fight with Hasim Rahman Jr., the son of former World Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman.

Now what if Jake Paul and Conor McGregor finally meet in a UFC octagon? It probably wouldn’t end well for the YouTuber. Actually, it could get pretty ugly. However, if they do meet in a boxing ring, it could very well be a 50-50 match and a pretty damn convincing contest.

We’ll see if any flying fists come out of Paul’s flying words.

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