Jamal Bryant has busted Monique Samuels and denied allegations of infidelity

Gizelle Bryant is defending her ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant, amid fraudulent rumors about the RHOP meeting. Image credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant’s ex-husband Jamal has denied the fraud rumors involving members of his ward in a controversial response to Monique Samuels’ Part 1 allegations of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion.

Monique brought a book of receipts from the RHOP reunion and accused Jamal of cheating on Gizelle and fathering several illegitimate children.

In response, Jamal took to Instagram Live with his own receipt folder and addressed the rumors that had plagued him.

Jamal Bryant finally speaks out

“From the moment you jump you have to know that tonight is no excuse. I don’t ask forgiveness from anyone, ”said Jamal after apologizing for the delay and greeting those who intervened.

He said, “Tonight is for clarity. I haven’t said anything about Potomac in five seasons. I never said anything in a post, interview, tweet or text. I do an average of 56 interviews a year and I’ve never mentioned Potomac – good, bad, or ugly. “

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The pastor also stated that he would never appear on RHOP again, claiming that the show grossly misrepresented his character. He stated that Gizelle asked him not to comment, but that he felt he had no choice at this point due to the gravity of the allegations.

“And I want you to know I will NEVER be with the Housewives of Potomac or anything in that franchise again. But I wanted you to know why It was a gross misrepresentation of my character, my service and my humanity, ”said Jamal.

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Jamal added that he agreed to do the show against his better judgment to appease Gizelle, with whom he was trying to reconcile.

Gizelle Bryant’s ex targets Monique Samuels

“I’ve never met Monique Samuels. Has never shaken her hand, has never been in the room with her and yet she murdered my character with anger and hostility, “the pastor of the mega-church explained in the almost 25-minute live stream (via AATT).

“I have to deal with it because you called me a ‘holy whore’ on national international television. I don’t sleep with a woman in my church. I don’t have babies in my church. I do not have an inappropriate relationship with any woman in my church. “

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Jamal accuses Chris of verbal abuse

The pastor also claimed that Monique’s husband Chris Samuels berated Monique and that Chris had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

“You got hostile and it was misdirected anger, it was misdirected anger, um, because you live in a house with a man who has anger management and who doesn’t mind expressing volatile behavior,” Jamal said.

“And everything I say tonight is not a guess,” he continued. “This is not murder, this is self-defense. On Sunday, for the first time in five years, I invite my audience to watch the reunion, ”he said.

“Chris, you have to take care of CTE. Some of your former teammates contacted me, they are concerned, ”he said, partly before accusing the former NFL player of recently molesting another woman.

“We have the footage of it, but I’m not going to broadcast it. I ask you to get help. I tracked your pastor so that everything I say would be in love, so that your pastor can help you get the help that is needed and necessary, ”said Jamal.

Jamal then claimed Monique’s trainer was her baby’s father

He also said in the video that one of the reasons Monique was so angry was because she knew a story was going to break with the rumor that Monique’s baby belonged to her trainer, not her husband Chris.

The pastor went on to say that Chris tried to attack Gizelle and Robyn Dixon at the RHOP reunion and had to be held back by security.

Click Play in the video below to see what else Jamal Bryant had to say as AATT recorded the Instagram Live session and posted it on YouTube.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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