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She has been with Álex Rodríguez | since 2017 .

Jennifer Lopez is also called JLo (AP)

Jennifer Lopez will also be JLo | called AP

The singer has more than 36 years of career (AP)

The singer has more than 36 years of AP career

Jennifer Lopez is always surrounded by glamor (AP)

Jennifer Lopez is always surrounded by glamor AP

Through a video on YouTube, the news was shared with the possibility that Alex Rodriguez current pair of actress and singer Jennifer Lopez might be unfaithful, this certainly surprised more than one internet user due to the strong statements made during the video.

Singer Jennifer Lopez has been implicated in certain rumors all the time as every other celebrity sometimes ignores her. She manages to get her admirers to do the same, but the statements made in them Video They were a bit strong as not only was infidelity mentioned but some of the beautiful business woman’s intimate customs as well.

This video was posted on Gossip No Like’s YouTube channel, titled “J Lo cheated? They inform us that Álex Rodríguez will be seen with a girl who wants to extract him – CNL ”, which was released on February 22nd this year. We will share it with you right away.

So far, the video has more than 35,000 reproductions and around 231 comments, many of which support the drivers’ theory about Álex Rodríguez.

Starting with the video, Argentina-born driver Javier Ceriani confirms that the couple have been dating for years Jennifer Lopez and Álex Rodríguez always enters a third person because the interpreter of “Jenny From The Block” is an extremely passionate person. She also mentioned that she was with young people about whom she had signed confidentiality agreements that were more than forbidden to talk about what they had ever been in bed with her.

Other statements from the host of Gossip No Like say that he knows of some women of Cuban origin that Álex Rodríguez himself brought them to New York to be with him and his partner, the famous singer and actress.

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Through an audio they shared on their channel where an alleged friend and source of the driver mentioned that he had seen the former baseball player on a CD next to an extremely beautiful woman, even though his voice was distorted so that no one would Identify Her He was heard mentioning that he did not know if the young woman, who was apparently 20 years younger than Jennifer Lopez, was of Russian descent because of her blonde hair.

It is not known for sure whether Álex Rodríguez, who was in Miami, Florida, USA, brought the young woman to the hotel where she was staying with Jennifer Lopez, or whether, according to the drivers, he would go somewhere else. Former baseball players Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain split up with his wife (a partner he had before JLo) precisely because he was unfaithful.

Obviously, the name and any mark of the person who made this statement is not revealed, the tone is a bit short and only she speaks, the driver confirmed that it is a real source known to him.

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The video stated that it was not possible to record videos or photos because the lunch disc they were on was secure enough to prevent access to the paparazzi. However, the driver’s source was able to identify the couple Jennifer Lopez. Álex Rodríguez, who was in a VIP area next to the beautiful blonde, was obviously alone with her, perhaps while the singer was waiting in the hotel.

You have to guess everything here, ”said the driver.

Not knowing what else could have happened, the end of the story was left unfinished. You’ll have to wait for the driver’s source to reveal more information in a while or for them to see JLo’s partner elsewhere.

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