Jinja: 65-year-old man kills girl, 60, for infidelity

The Kiira Regional Police in Jinja City, in cooperation with the Buwenge Central Police, are looking for a 65-year-old man who hacked his 60-year-old wife and accused him of having multiple sexual partners.

The man on the run, Sabasi Byakika, reportedly killed his wife, identified as Deborah Kwagala Naigaga, with a panga on Thursday.

The deceased suffered deep cuts on his head, shoulders, chest and legs.

Preliminary research suggests that “Sabasi Byakika, former LC 1 chairman of Buwala Village” A “in Butagaya Subdistrict, Jinja District, had endless arguments with his wife, accusing her of having multiple partners.”

The body was taken to the Buwenge HC1V morgue, where an autopsy was pending.

In the meantime, police have urged the public to always report family misunderstandings to law enforcement in order to fight crime.

The regional spokesman ASP James Mubi called on the public to provide the police with information on the whereabouts of the accused.

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