Joe Gorga seems like Frank Catania’s infidelity

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Joe Gorga (L) and Frank Catania.

Joe Gorga speaks about Frank Catania’s infidelity in the new episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. On Wednesday April 28th, fans will see Joe Frank sit in the hot seat for a bit.

Joe seems to blame Frank for how Dolores behaves in her relationship with boyfriend David Principe.

“Listen, I love Frank Catania, but he did his thing. Listen, wait, I love you like a brother, but you ruined her, “said Joe Frank at a party with the other cast of” Housewives “.

“I don’t think I’m ruined!” Dolores answers.

“This is a broken woman,” adds Joe. He went on to say that if his wife Melissa cheated on him, he would be “broken”. While Joe seems to have come from a good place, the entire cast seems surprised that he actually went there. Melissa couldn’t help but stand there with her mouth open, obviously shocked that her husband was so honest about how he feels about Frank and Dolores.

“Don’t you want to be loved?” Joe asks Dolores.

“I feel loved,” she replies.

“By whom?” Joe asks.

“David!” Says Dolores. “I am happy where I am right now. If I have to change that… ”continues Dolores.

“[That’s] a scarred heart, ”interrupts Joe.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jackie believes Joe’s words were actually a message for Melissa

Interestingly, Jackie Goldschneider has her own view of what happened during the party.

“Joe may look like he’s talking to Dolores, but I think he’s trying to message Melissa,” she said. “You might think you want all that independence, but without a man to stabilize you and be in charge, you will be broken too,” she added.

Joe and Melissa’s marriage was a big story in the current season of “RHONJ”. As Melissa got older, she got more independent. She has her own shop and she does some of her own things to make her own money and Joe has expressed his feelings about it.

“I feel like it’s really a struggle for him if I become more and more independent in some ways. I hate that. It shouldn’t be a fight and it really is. And we’re really going through it and we’re very raw and real and honest with it. So you have to see how it all works out. But it’s very real to us, ”Melissa said on page 6 on an episode of“ RHONJ ”this season.

Dolores & Frank ended their marriage after Frank cheated on them

Dolores and Frank were previously married and have two children together. The two divorced after Frank was unfaithful. The two were able to break away from their past and are best friends today. In fact, they live with Dolores’ longtime friend David.

“There wasn’t much time to play games when there are two children involved who can be injured by their parents’ struggle. After my divorce, I decided to make the most of my family. So I put aside many things – my frustration, my resentment – that would happen to any kind of infidelity in a relationship. I’ve made myself the bigger person I’m still very proud of – and it worked out for everyone, “Dolores said in March 2021 on page 6.

And while Dolores and Frank live and work together, their relationship is not romantic.

“Frank and I are not married and obviously not involved other than being good friends and co-parents and business partners. He called this morning to see how I was doing and I sent him a picture of my bum because I was working yesterday – but that’s perfectly normal for us, “she said in an interview with Huffington Post Blogs “2016.

Dolores’ relationship with current boyfriend David has been questioned for years by friends and viewers of the Housewives franchise. Aside from the fact that the two just don’t seem compatible, David often attends social events and lets Dolores hang out with Frank.

This was recently brought to light on an episode of the show where a clairvoyant shared some things from beyond the grave that E! Received an interesting answer from Dolores. News.

“Your grandmother says you like a challenge and the man must go after you,” said the clairvoyant. “He’s not chasing you the way you should be chased. Your grandmother says, “Is he your soulmate?” He is not [your soulmate]. There is a lover out there for you, however. You have chemistry like never before. But it won’t be until you’re free As soon as you are ready to open that door, the lover comes, ”added the clairvoyant.

“Maybe David and I just gracefully part ways. I agree with that, ”Dolores answered. It seems like Joe Gorga is part of Dolores’ relationship with David, especially why she stays with him when he accused Frank of “ruining” her.

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