Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner could face custody issues, lawyer says

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Four headline-grabbing couples and four headline-grabbing breakups!

Kevin Costner is fighting with his ex-girlfriend Christine Baumgartner over child support and marriage. Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s divorce has been quieter for now, but will she end up writing him a check? Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s divorce was also civil. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s split is ongoing, but custody could become a factor if she plans to return home to the UK

“Extra’s” Melvin Robert spoke with celebrity divorce attorney Christopher Melcher, who doesn’t represent any of the couples here but shares his opinion!

Speaking about Kevin and Christine’s divorce, Christopher said: “If they didn’t have a prenup she would get a lot of money for life in support, but instead she’s capped at a million dollars. She says it’s not enough.”

On her likely challenge to the prenup, Christopher said: “She has fought everything with him so far. She lost all that stuff, so I think she would pass this one on like a Hail Mary.”

While Sam signed a prenuptial agreement before marrying Britney, she was still able to write him a check. Christopher noted, “It would be wise of Britney to pay Sam to resolve the issue, even though he is not entitled to anything under the prenup.”

When Joe and Sophie divorce, he asks for a parenting plan and joint custody. While Sophie has hinted that she may want to move back to the UK, Joe has already expressed that he doesn’t want to move. Christopher noted, “A court in Florida has to sort this out, and most of the time the court wants the children to be with both parents.”

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