Jointech Good GPS Monitoring Methods GPS Monitoring Padlock Tracker JT701 New

Smart GPS tracking lock
The JT701 is not only a GPS tracker for remote tracking of containers (location, speed, etc.), but also a smart electronic lock for remote control of the container door (closing / opening). He knows that Who in Where and When will open the container door.

This allows operators to keep track of their containers when there is no constant power source. It also gives full control to customs officers as they move from source to destination along the supply chain route. Operators can track their containers and receive alarms on our various software platform.

Temperature monitoring Unique design,
Unlock Big Capacith Battery with FRID / SMS password,
Long working time Built-in GSM module,
Integrated GPS module for remote online monitor,
Real-time security monitoring for global positioning,
Illegal unlock alarms

Alarm situations:
Lock string tampering alarm
Wipe card alarm
Unlock the alarm
Wrong password alert
Geofence alarm

Average working current: ≤90mh
Average static current: ≤0.1mh
Material: engineering plastic
Degree of protection: IP67
Working temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C.
Electronic rope length: Customized
Function: precise positioning, information gathering
Package: carton / wooden box

Q: Do you have your own factory?

A: Yes, we have been a manufacturer in China for over 15 years, based in Guangdong, China

Q: Why do you choose us?

A: We have worked with 50 Fortune 500 customers including Carefour, Dia, DHL, SGS, etc.
By working with these international companies and organizations, we can fully meet your mobile needs
Field for monitoring assets.

Q: Do you have your own tracking platform?

A: Yes, we can not only offer web based tracking software, but also IOS / Android APPS

Q: Do you offer custom hardware and software?

A: Yes, we can provide not only customized hardware but also software functions.

Q: What’s your delivery time?

A: For samples 2-4 days, bulk order, 7-15 days in general

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