Josh Duggar’s spouse Anna compelled to remain married after scandals, infidelity?

For years, TLC fans have watched the Josh Duggar scandals unfold with his wife Anna by his side. The couple have six children together and one is on the way. Anna has been heavily criticized for her decision to stay with Josh despite his infidelity and several scandals. Fans and critics have urged Anna to live with her family or to get a divorce and seek government support.

Even Josh’s cousin Amy King has hinted that his wife should leave him. However, Anna is still married to Josh and doesn’t seem to have any plans to leave him anytime soon. She recently appeared for the first time in months at his hearing last month. She gave the cameras a smug smile as she and her husband left the courtroom.

For those who don’t know, Josh’s latest scandal revolves around child pornography. The former 19 Kids & Counting star is awaiting trial, scheduled for November 30th. He has not pleaded guilty so far and has turned down plea deals. Fans thought that Anna would leave her husband due to the nature of his recent scandal. You have encouraged her to get out of the marriage to protect her children. However, that has not happened yet.

New details have now been released that shed light on why Anna could continue to stay with Josh and have children with him no matter what.

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Does Anna Duggar have a choice to leave Josh?

Fans have always assumed that Anna didn’t leave Josh because of her religion. Divorce is frowned upon, so Anna may not even consider divorce. A source recently spoke to Katie Joy at No Crystal Ball and shared additional information about Anna’s decision to stay.

On a recent social media post, Katie wrote, “Sources tell me that Anna wanted to divorce Josh after his 2015 Ashley Madison scandal. Jim Bob Duggar reportedly did not want his image of the “perfect family” broken by divorce. To keep Anna complacent, sources said the Duggars promised to always give financial support to her and the children. Sources claim the Duggars went so far as to offer Anna a home in exchange for staying with Josh. Anna was never given the house, but she stayed. “

Then Katie adds, “According to multiple sources, Anna is now stuck in the marriage because she has no financial means to go with her children. She grew up in poverty, has no skills and cannot afford to care for her 7 children on her own. Jim Bob seems to know that he has this power over Anna Sources. With Anna, who supposedly stays, it’s not about her faith and more about being financially controlled in order to stay. “

Quelle tells all about the couple’s marriage.

The source also shared some information about Josh and Anna’s marriage. As fans can imagine, with all the infidelity and scandals, things didn’t go smoothly. Katie writes: “Several sources claim that Josh was not honest with Anna before they got married. In fact, sources claim that Anna was kept in the dark about almost all deviant behaviors by Josh. When Anna got up on Counting On and claimed she knew about Josh’s past, the source said Anna probably lied on instructions from Jim Bob Duggar.

In her post, Katie continues, “Despite the ‘happy couple’ personality that Anna portrayed on social media, sources say their marriage was far from perfect.”

Katie’s sources say Josh is “deceiving,” “narcissistic,” “controlling,” and “emotionally abusive.”

Although Anna did talk about her husband’s betrayal on TLC’s Counting On, she didn’t talk too much about their marriage. She has not made a statement or posted anything on social media since he was arrested in April. Fans and critics alike are excited to see what will happen after Josh’s trial in November. Depending on the outcome, Anna could take action or make a statement.

Do you think Anna Duggar would ever leave Josh? Or do you think financial control will keep you in the marriage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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