Juan Luciano, Esq. Explains Issues Mother and father Ought to Not Do Throughout A Custody Case – Press Launch

New York City, NY – In divorce cases, there are seldom those that are taken more seriously than those that concern custody. Often one of the most difficult aspects of exercising family law is crossing that line between divorced parents who react to feelings of anger and betrayal and who impose a need for cooperation and coolness on them. And that’s exactly what a custody attorney must do.

Juan Luciano, Esq. has been a family attorney in New York for over 15 years. He understands what his customers are going through, but tries to keep their future goals in mind, not the violations of the present.

“When people come to me, I have to pay close attention to where they are emotional and what they are going through. But then I have to let it flow into the reality of the moment, ”said Mr Luciano. “In the case of child custody, the courts will always err on the side of the child’s best interests. What each partner feels about each other has far less influence on the court’s decision on custody than who is better able to offer stability to the children. Consequently, there are important things parents should not do when custody is at stake. “

Mr Luciano said the courts consider the ability to collaborate and communicate with one another as central to what the court is looking for. Punishing the other parent by improperly refusing to compromise is something they consider detrimental to the children’s well-being.

He also cautions parents who speak harshly about the other in the presence of the child.

“A parent who speaks ill of their fellow parents directly to their children or who has verbal arguments within earshot may be viewed by the courts as not acting in the best interests of their child,” he said. “Whenever possible, the courts try to maintain the child’s relationship with both parents. They view the parent willing to cooperatively raise together as the one who best serves the child’s best interests. “

Another matter that the courts consider when determining custody of children is how one parent takes responsibility based on temporary court orders. If the court has issued temporary custody and assistance orders, they will carefully examine how the parents will deal with them in their final decisions. You can also see how the partners are coping with their new social life.

“I always suggest that parents take care of the things that they post on social media or that they bring home to meet the kids. The courts believe that divorce is a very vulnerable time for children and the spouse who can understand this and move socially cautiously will be valued more favorably by the court, ”continued Luciano. “In the age of social media, more content is displayed as evidence against a parent in custody cases.”

Mr. Luciano believes that having qualified legal representation will ensure as soon as possible that the parents don’t make these mistakes that could affect them long after the divorce proceedings. Juan Luciano is a New York City-based custody attorney. Individuals interested in learning more about him and his practice can be contacted through his website at https://divorcelawfirmnyc.com/5-things-not-to-do-during-a-child-custody-case/.


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