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New York – Family law often focuses on the times challenging spouses and their children. Divorce, custody, asset sharing, alimony, visiting and child support can be high-profile issues that can affect everyone both emotionally and financially. When strong feelings go up, couples usually find it difficult to think clearly about the consequences of their actions and decisions during a divorce.

Juan Luciano, Esq., A seasoned alimony attorney in New York, understands his role as an emotional, financial, and legal advocate for his clients. It is often a fine line to be an emotional support system for one’s clients, to keep communication between couples as confrontational as possible, and yet understand when to use the aggressive procedures necessary to ensure their clients’ rights and the best results are fully preserved.

“Most of the time I work with clients who may be going through an extremely vulnerable and difficult time; You have to make critical decisions that will affect you and your family in the years to come, ”explained the maintenance attorney. “While I understand that I cannot remove the pain they are feeling, I can help make these important decisions. Important decisions must be made while the emotional comfort and dignity of the customer are at the forefront of our interactions. While we try to keep open avenues of interaction and collaboration with the other partner, there are some instances where this is simply not possible or productive and we rely on more aggressive methods. I follow customers’ instructions whenever I can, but I also have to be honest with them. It is a fine line that we as lawyers have to walk. “

Mr. Luciano believes in the power of empathy and respect and attributes his success to his willingness to treat his customers with a level of sensitivity. While collaborative tactics are always his very first approach, he knows there are times when collaboration may no longer be fruitful. Due to his unique approach, Mr. Luciano continues to collect positive reviews and testimonials from his customers:

Stokes Jeffery from New York says, “Juan Luciano is the best divorce attorney in town. Quite nice and kind, knowledgeable, encouraging, but in the courtroom he’s a fighter. He helped me get custody and was always at the forefront of all questions. When working with him you are always looked after personally, he knew every little detail of my divorce and was at my side with words and deeds. Juan Luciano is an excellent divorce lawyer from the Bronx. Not to mention a great guy! “

Due to the fact that a divorce usually forms the basis for the rest of a person’s life, Juan Luciano works hard to bring legal knowledge and years of experience to the table in order to achieve the best result for each client he represents. Even if a person does not feel optimistic during the divorce, Mr. Luciano understands that life goes on after a divorce and the decisions made in the midst of chaos will shape the future for the law firm’s clients. Mr. Luciano tries to provide some level of clarity at a time when his clients may not be able to think clearly.

With an experienced lawyer specializing in maintenance law, a difficult situation can often be worked out skillfully and thus a common basis can be created for each partner. Mr. Luciano believes that proper representation can make a huge difference in the cooperation and tone of voice between the parties throughout the divorce process.

Mr. Luciano serves family law clients in Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester, the Upper East Side and throughout New York City. Those interested can find out more about him and his practice at https://divorcelawfirmnyc.com/does-alimony-last-forever/.


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