Judge denies Kevin Hunter’s motion to reinstate Wendy Williams’ child support

With all the heartache, sickness and bad times that overlapped wendy williams Away in recent years, she recently received some good news.

A judge has disowned William’s ex-husband Kevin Jaeger demanding that the former talk show host resume child support payments, which have been suspended due to recent troubles. This is according to The US Sun, which obtained court documents related to the trial and the verdict.

The judge said Hunter’s request for renewed child support was “non-appealing” and ordered his “application dismissed without prejudice.” This included Hunter’s request that his legal fees be paid by his ex-wife.

The judge gave Hunter the opportunity to bring his case to arbitration.

Last year, Hunter filed court documents asking the court to order Williams to make the alimony payments as “contractually required” under the prenuptial agreement and the severance agreement. He said he faces foreclosure for not receiving the money from Williams.

He claimed not to have received alimony from Williams since February of last year.

Williams’ attorney said Hunter is not eligible for child support payments because her talk show was canceled due to the former couple’s divorce settlement.

The former talk show queen was placed under financial guardianship last year after her bank frozen her account as she suspected she was suffering from “financial exploitation, dementia or improper influence”.

“If for any reason Plaintiff’s contract with Talk WW is not renewed and/or otherwise suspended, canceled or terminated and Plaintiff has not aired another television program and is not paying her an equivalent salary, Defendant understands and agrees that all Severance Payments will be paid to The Payment is subject to either termination or amendment,” Williams’ attorney wrote in response.

The attorney told the court that Williams has had no income since October 2021 and is not scheduled for another show or “an equivalent salary.”

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