Juventus coach Allegri in authorized dispute over alimony funds

Juventus manager Max Allegri is embroiled in an increasingly ugly legal battle with his ex-girlfriend when it is revealed he asked for lower child support payments because he was ‘unemployed’.

The dispute is with his former partner Claudia Ughi and the monthly payment Allegri has to make to look after their son, who was born in 2011.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, it was Allegri who, in January 2021, tried to reduce the alimony payment from €10,000 a month to just €5,000 because he was registered as “unemployed” and his financial situation had changed.

Of course, he was sacked by Juventus in May 2019 and took a year off on full pay because he still had a year on his contract with the Bianconeri.

After a two-year hiatus, Allegri returned to the Juventus leadership in July 2021.

His appeal to reduce the payment was denied, so Allegri’s lawyers are now filing a new case, accusing his ex-girlfriend of using the money meant for her child and instead using it for personal expenses.

He also claims she used that money to pay for college tuition for a child she had from a previous relationship.

It’s hardly the first time Allegri has been in the news for his romantic antics, as he’s known to have left a partner practically walking down the aisle and was gossip fodder last summer when TV host Ambra Angiolini accused him of “ghosting” her at the end of their relationship. .

He has one daughter, Valentina, from his marriage to former Playboy model Gloria Patrizi.

Allegri denounces the former: “He spent the money for our son on himself” #Juventus https://t.co/dbEbZmTqqt

– The Gazzetta dello Sport (@Gazzetta_it) June 22, 2022

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