Kan. Man positioned a GPS monitoring system on a lady’s automotive

Harrington Photo Sedgwick County

SEDGWICK COUNTY – Law enforcement is investigating a Kansas man who allegedly persecuted a woman.

On May 26, a female victim reported that a suspect identified as 57-year-old Ed Harrington – someone she knew – had attached a GPS tracking device to her vehicle, according to Wichita Police Officer Trevor Macy.

She had taken it to a local auto repair shop where they could find it and remove it.

On July 6th, Harrington was taken to City Hall and interviewed about the case and a previous break-in in which the victim’s car was broken into and numerous items were stolen. Following interviews, Harrington was detained in Sedgwick County Jail on the proposed charges of stalking, car break-in, theft and violation of a protection order.

The arrest came as a result of extensive follow-up work by the Wichita Police Department’s Domestic Violence Intervention and Reduction Team (DVIRT) and partnerships with domestic violence lawyers in the community.

The case is presented to the public prosecutor.

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