Kanye West’s divorce lawyer remains to be attempting to barter youngster custody in a divorce

KanyeWest lost his shirt over his hateful anti-Semitic rants, but we’ve learned he still has his divorce attorney and is working with that attorney Kim Kardashian‘s attorney to reach an agreement so the case does not end up in a court proceeding.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … though New York attorney Bob Cohen withdrawn as divorce lawyer amidst Kanye’s abominable statements about Jewshe still has a lawyer Nick Salick play him back. Salick is a Beverly Hills attorney whom Ye hired at the same time as Cohen.

We’re told Salick is trying to work out both a custody and ownership agreement with Kim’s longtime divorce attorney, “Disso Queen.” Laura water. The aim is to avert a trial planned for December.

It’s interesting… one of the sticking points in the case was that Kanye wanted her 4 kids to attend Donda Academy, but Kim said no — especially since the kids were all rooted in an accredited school. If it were up to Kanye the kids wouldn’t have a place to go since he is right now turn Donda off.

As for custody… our sources say, although Kanye was present at several sporting events he has not exercised custody of the children for months. He said last month Kim has 80% custodybut it sounds like she has more.

It is currently unclear if they will be able to reach an agreement before the trial.

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