Karnataka HC rejects man’s alimony declare, says he’s employable | News from Bengaluru

BENGALURU: The Karnataka High Court dismissed a man’s application for permanent alimony from his ex-wife, finding he is an able-bodied person and has the ability to earn money.
A Sadananda had appealed against the decision of the family court in Udupi. In August 2015, the family court not only ordered the dissolution of his marriage, but also rejected Sadananda’s application for permanent maintenance under Section 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955.
Before the Supreme Court, Sadananda claimed that his former wife was employed as an assistant manager in a cooperative in Udupi district. According to him, he was employed on a contract basis as a guard at a temple, but lost the job and had no means to support himself.
On the other hand, the woman argued that she earns Rs 8,000 per month and also has to take care of her son.
After reviewing the materials on file, a departmental bench headed by Judge Alok Aradhe indicated that the applicant Sadananda had failed to take care of his child.
The Supreme Court added that the son’s education required significant expenses and the burden of the same had been passed on to his former wife.
The board further noted that in determining the issue of alimony, the status of the parties, the reasonable needs of the spouse, the independent income and the applicant’s assets are relevant factors that must be considered.
share of property
“In the present case, the applicant, who was of age, admitted on cross-examination that he had an interest in his father’s property and that he also had an interest in his home. It was further acknowledged that the aforementioned properties are valuable. He has also admitted that he was previously employed as a security guard at a temple. On the other hand, the woman is an assistant manager in a cooperative. , the HC Senate further stated and confirmed the decision of the family court.

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