Kasargod: Man shot lady on suspicion of infidelity, investigation reveals


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Kasargod, January 9th: Police investigations into the shocking suicide revealed that the mother was killed in front of the couple’s five-year-old son, Abhilash, who became an orphan through no fault of his own. Shortly after Mother was shot, Abhilash ran out of his house and explained the incident to the neighborhood. The brutal murder came to light when the neighbors arrived.

It is believed that Vijayan killed his wife Baby on suspicion of infidelity. There was an argument between the two for a while. Vijayan had suspected that Baby had developed an immoral relationship with an excavator operator. He fought the subject with his wife every day.

Vijayan attacked his wife while drunk. That’s why Baby filed a complaint with the Adoor Police Station on Friday. The police had called both the husband and wife asking to clarify the differences between them. The police had announced that they would call the excavator driver to the police station and speak to him.

DSP D Shilpa and senior police officers visited the site and conducted a spot inspection. Vijayan, who had gone out at noon that afternoon, had come back with a land weapon and shot his wife in the head in front of his son. The police are investigating the land weapon.

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Kasargod: man shoots woman, commits suicide by hanging

Daijiworld Media Network – Kasargod (EP)

Kasargod, January 9th: In a tragic incident, a person shot and killed his wife and committed suicide by hanging.

The deceased were identified as Vijayan (38) and Baby (32). The incident took place on Saturday, January 9th, in the afternoon in Vadakkakare near Muliar.

Vijayan, the husband, appears to have opened fire with a land weapon that killed his wife Baby. Vijayan’s lifeless body was found hanging in the nearby forest.

Vijayan’s lifeless body was found in rubber plantations about 200 meters from the residence. Preliminary investigations revealed that family disputes are the reason for the extreme step. Baby was shot in the head in the house.

The locals, who came in a hurry and heard the gunshots, found baby lying in a pool of blood. Vijayan was missing. His body was found after a thorough search. It is said that there was an argument between the two.

Police from Adoor Station visited the site, conducted an investigation and took the body to Kasargod General Hospital. Investigations are ongoing.

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