Kathie Lee Gifford talks about “completely devastating” infidelity

TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford realizes the impact infidelity has had on her marriage, saying it had an “absolutely devastating” impact on it.

It’s never too late in her memoir: Make the next act of your life the best act of your life. The 67-year-old former TV presenter has spilled the details about her husband Frank Gifford‘s downfalls, which took place roughly 11 years after their nearly 30-year marriage – and amid their popularity on Show Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee.

“Nobody knows what I’ve been through. You feel hopeless and don’t want to live anymore, ”she described the ordeal.

However, she decided to give him a second chance – despite having survived a difficult first marriage – as it was a one-off behavior that she referred to as her “good, loving, gentle, generous” spouse, former NFL great.

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD admits that she feels lonely every day after the death of her husband Frank

“If this had been a chronic behavior on the part of Frank, I would have divorced him like this,” she said, noting that it was a personal choice and that her devout Christian belief in no way directed her to stay with her stray husband .

“After what I’d been through my first marriage, then being with a chronically unfaithful husband, no,” she said. “Nothing in the Bible says we have to stick with it.”

With counseling, the two were able to overcome the transgression. “We could turn it around. It was the right thing for my life to forgive my husband. And then work on forgetting, ”she explained.


“The person you loved the most in your life is the person who can hurt you the most,” she admitted, but noted that everything worked out for the best, especially given the fact that the two continue to do so raised their children, son Cody, now 30, and daughter Cassidy, 27, as a unit.

The couple stayed together and close together until Frank’s death at the age of 85 in 2015.

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