Kathryn Dennis loses custody of ex Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has reportedly lost custody of her two children to ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel but has yet to comment.

News has come out that Kathryn Dennis comes from Southern charm She may have lost custody of her two young children to her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel. The embarrassed South Carolina treasurer has struggled to regain custody of his children, but none has confirmed the news.

There has never been anything smooth about the former love bird’s relationship. The 29 year age difference made the streets of Charleston talk, and it didn’t help that she had his two children. The politician often tried to light them with gas, but in the end the fans saw him for what he really was. In 2016, Dennis failed a marijuana test that resulted in her losing custody of her children, Kensie and Saint. She checked into rehab, however, which ultimately granted her custody of 50/50 in 2018.

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According to The Sun, the mother of two lost temporary custody of her children on cocaine allegations. A source close to the outlet revealed that the reality star only monitored visits that can happen every other weekend during the day on Saturday and Sunday. In the court documents, they indicated that a judge in South Carolina had made the decision that Dennis would only visit their children, but it was only temporary. Ravenel would have primary custody until a more permanent decision was made.

The point of sale said a hearing was held on February 9th and a judgment was made on February 25th. Bravo fans are well aware that the pair weren’t at eye level as Ravenel openly accused them of drug use. In court documents, the father of two claimed he had a mutual friend who told him about a trip his ex recently took to take the children and their new boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, unrelated. The mutual friend claimed he had “used a lot of cocaine” and that the mother of two had left the drugs open. The court records show that Dennis denied all drug use allegations.

The mother of two revealed in the documents that she firmly believes that Ravenel is trying to obtain custody so he can move to another city with his children and new family. The saga of their struggles delighted viewers, since it seems that only the children will suffer. To many, it looks like Kathryn brought their lives together, and many still feel like Ravenel is trying to bring them down. Fans are hoping that some of the drama will play out in the new season of Southern Charm.

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Source: The Sun, Kathryn Dennis

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