Kendrick Lamar addresses infidelity on a brand new album | scorching leaf

On his newly released, highly anticipated album Mr. Morales & The Big Steppers” Kendrick Lamar shocked fans when he revealed his infidelity issues in his relationship with his fiancee Whitney Alford. You are parents of two children.

He shares his challenges in “Mother I Sober” with a “lust addiction” and admits to cheating on Alford.

The lyrics include: “Intoxicated, there’s a lustful nature I haven’t mentioned / insecurities I project, sleeping with other women / Whitney hurt, the pure soul I know, I found her in the kitchen.” / Ask God, ‘Where is that? I lose myself? And can it be forgiven?'”

He also shared on the track Alford, who is featured on the album cover with their children, and recommended that he seek therapy.

“Break me down, she looked me in the eye, ‘Is there an addiction?’ / I said ‘No’ but this time I lied, I knew I couldn’t fix it / Pure soul, even in her pain, knowing she cared for me/Gave me a number, said that she recommended therapy,” he raps.

He also addresses his infidelity in another track on the album entitled “Worldwide Steppers”.

“Next time me [expletive] a white one [expletive] was in Copenhagen/​Good boy mAAd city Tour, I thrived on stage/Whitney asked if I had a problem, I said ‘I might be racist’/Ancients are watching me [expletive] was like retaliation.”

Listen to Mother I Sober here.

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