Kenya: Man hacks lady in Meru after accusing her of infidelity

A 33-year-old woman from Kigane Village, Meru County, is recovering at Consolata Hospital in Nkubu after being cut open with a machete by her husband, who accused her of infidelity.

Mrs. Eunice Kambura lost two fingers in the attack.

She said she had problems with her husband, Mr. David Gitonga Nyamu, a Boda Boda driver.

After an argument on Friday night, he allegedly retrieved a machete from under the bed, used it to shave her hair, and cut off part of her right ear.

When she sounded the alarm, he hit her with the sharp panga, opened her right hand and cut off two fingers.

He also hit her on the back and head.

When it aimed at her leg, she blocked the panga with her left hand, which severed all of the bone and was clinging to the skin.

“I sounded the alarm, but he had already locked the door. His brothers broke down the door and saved me. I ran to his mother’s house,” she said.

Ms. Kambura, who has been married for 10 years, says she endured constant arguments but never thought they would escalate if attacked with a panga.


The couple have an eight year old child who is in second grade.

“We had arguments, but I never thought that something of this magnitude would happen. On the material day we had spent the day peacefully. My life was ruined because I worked for myself, but now I can no longer do anything for myself do it yourself. ” I would like to urge fellow women to be on guard. If you’re going to die, go out, “she said weakly.

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Her husband has now gone into hiding.

Ms. Purity Muchai, a mobilizer from the village, said Ms. Kambura had previously reported cases of domestic disputes.

Hospital matron Julia Muthomi says Ms. Kambura arrived unconscious and suffered deep cuts in her head, back, hands and abdomen, but some were not stitched because she needed a blood transfusion.

“She’s a bit stable but needs blood and pain therapy. She needs a blood transfusion before going to the theater because she lost a lot of blood,” she said.

Ms. Mercy Chidi Baidoo, the executive director of Ripples International, which rescues abused women and children, said cases of domestic violence leading to serious harm had increased in Meru.

“The men who usually come home late arrive early because of the curfew and with lower incomes,” she said.

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