Kenyan girl implicated in baby custody with British nationwide KBC

British Citizen Kevin Barry Hurley’s alleged lover, Helen Maria Imokor, was escorted to the Tononoka Children’s Court by her attorney Were Geoffrey

A Kenyan woman is involved in a transnational guardianship case with her ex-boyfriend, a British citizen, and a former police officer affiliated with Scotland Yard.

Identified as Kevin Barry Hurley, the British citizen is said to have met Helen Maria Imokor on a visit to Kenya in 2016.

Kevin Barry had traveled to Kenya as a tourist and met Helen in the resort of Diani on the south coast of Kwale County. The relationship blossomed and had a baby boy in 2017.

The legal battle and trial began in 2019 after Hellen moved to the Mombasa Supreme Court and filed a case by her alleged lover, Kevin, seeking child support.

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In a new turn of events, Kevin filed a lawsuit seeking custody of the child who alleged he had been denied access to his son.

Helen was forced through her attorney Geoffrey Were to seek intervention over an injunction preventing Kevin from taking custody of the three-year-old. Supreme Court Justice John Nyabuto allowed Helen to stay with her son and only granted Kevin Barry day care for her three year old son through virtual chambers.

Barry was given daytime access to children until he was due to fly back to his country in mid-December, which was to be overseen by a child officer affiliated with the Tonoka Children’s Court or the judge of the same Children’s Court. “The pick-up point for the child will be at the Tononoka Children’s Court in the Mvita constituency,” the judge ordered.

Judge Onyiego instructed the county child officer to oversee the handover between Barry and his ex-lover.

Justice Onyiego directed Barry’s former lover, Helen Maria Imokor, to ensure that she dumps and delivers the child at the lower court at 8 a.m. each morning as instructed by the Mombasa Supreme Court and picks up her son at the same court at 6 p.m. every day.

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