Kerala man kills girl with steel lamp on suspicion of infidelity

Police said Aneesh suspected Nikhitha of having an extramarital affair which led to the murder.

A 26-year-old woman was brutally killed by her husband just two months after their marriage in the early hours of Tuesday September 6 at Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram. Nikhitha from Kidangamparambu in Alappuzha and Aneesh, 35, from Varkala got married two months ago in July. On that fateful morning, Aneesh’s family heard a loud scream coming from his room. When they broke down the door, they found Nikhitha lying in a pool of blood. Aneesh was also present with bloodstains all over the room. They immediately informed the police and took the woman to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries. Police said Nikhitha was hit in the head with a metal lamp (Nilavilakku).

The couple had gone abroad immediately after their marriage and returned home as Aneesh required medical treatment for certain health issues. Police said Aneesh was suspicious of Nikhitha, which led to the murder. Aneesh doubted that Nikhitha had an extramarital relationship. Police said that according to their initial investigation, this was not a planned murder and that Aneesh committed the crime out of sudden provocation.

Nikhitha’s relatives told the media that she did not often contact them after returning from abroad. They also said they had no idea of ​​any issues between the couple. They said they only found out about the incident after they reached the hospital.

During his detention, Aneesh confessed his crime to the police. He was tried and taken into custody.

A similar incident was reported from Kochi on August 28 in which a young man was beaten to death in Nettoor of Ernakulam. Defendant Suresh Kumar killed Ajay Kumar from Palakkad as he doubted he was related to his wife. Suresh had his wife summon Ajay to Ernakulam and then attacked him. Your wife told the police that she and Ajay were not related and were friends.

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