Khloe Kardashian addresses Sister Kim’s touch upon Tristan Thompson’s infidelity

After several ups and downs in their relationship, Khloe Kardashian and her ex Tristan Thompson split in 2021. The duo share a baby daughter, True Thompson, and it was revealed that the duo became parents to their second baby together via surrogacy. In the recent The Kardashians season 2 teaser clip, Khloe Kardashian opened up about how Kim Kardashian reacted after learning that Tristan Thompson was having a child with another woman.

Khloe Kardashian gets emotional when she addresses Tristan’s infidelity

According to the recently released clip from The Kardashians season 2, Khloe Kardashian was seen opening up around the time she found out that Tristan Thompson was having a baby with someone else, adding that she wasn’t ready talk about it or cry about it. She said: “There’s something I need to talk about. The day you were filming about Tristan with Kim and you found out that Tristan was having a baby with someone else, there was just something I wasn’t ready to talk about and, um, I don’t even want to cry , but Tristan and I – I don’t even know if I want to say Tristan and I – I’m having another baby.

While Khloe got emotional, she added that she just wanted to protect her mental wellbeing as well as her surrogate mothers, and mentioned that she’s been going through a lot. “And obviously it’s just very private and I don’t want that to go public because I want to protect my mental wellbeing and the surrogate mothers and all of that. It was just a lot to go through at once,” she added.

Khloe Kardashian later shed light on the season one finale when her family found out about Thompson’s infidelity and revealed how her sister Kim explained it was a sign that she shouldn’t have another baby with Tristan. She went on to reveal that she told Kim at the time that she had performed an embryo transfer a few days ago. “I mean it’s supposed to be a really exciting, amazing time and it’s just a different experience I think. It was so hard. I don’t want to celebrate anything,” Khloe added as she burst into tears.

On the other hand, a Hollywood Life report previously claimed that Khloe and Tristan have agreed that Khloe will have sole full-time legal and physical custody of their baby, and although Khloe will have full custody of the baby, she is more as happy for Tristan to be as present in her child’s life as she wants.

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